9 Advantages of Using .NET Core for Developing Your Software

Explore .NET Core: Advantages, Functionalities, and Future. Learn why this open-source framework is key for versatile and efficient software or web app development. Read now.

Presently, the web application development processes incorporate varying types of technologies. A few among these technologies are Java, .php, and ASP.NET MVC.

While many developers still prefer to use ASP.NET MVC, the latest version of the open-source web application framework comes as ASP.NET Core. The newly introduced provides more benefits when compared to the former. However, on the other side, dot net core still continues to keep its dominance in the market of web application frameworks. These applications allow developers to bring the perfect technology hiring platform.

What Is .NET Core?

As a preferred open-source framework, .NET offers MVC structure and web API, and along with other services crucial for developing enterprise applications web applications. It is an unique and feature-loaded framework that provides rapid performance and an extremely fast API for a variety of online apps. It also includes all of the necessary components for businesses to develop exact web applications.

The .NET framework from Microsoft is used to create modern web-connected and cloud-based applications. It is intended to enable the evolution of runtime components, compilers, languages, and APIs. It operates on .NET Framework and .NET Core on macOS, and Windows operating systems. Undoubtedly, Dot Net core web applications are pioneers of the latest technologies that have gained popularity among the software community.This type of elevated framework is also commonly utilized in the development of present cloud-based applications.These top-notch software can be used to:

  • Execute web applications on the .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Create useful and innovative web apps, software as a service (SaaS), IoT Applications, and Smartphone backend services.
  • Allow multiple web application development on various platforms such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Increase the software agility by deploying services and applications directly on the cloud.

Key features and functionalities of using .NET core

  • Cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-based, and internet-connected applications.
  • Built-in dependency injection for managing application components and promoting loose coupling.
  • Middleware architecture for processing HTTP requests and responses with flexibility.
  • Support for model-view-controller (MVC) pattern for organizing and building scalable web applications.
  • Unified framework for building real-time web functionality using SignalR.
  • Integration with Entity Framework Core for simplified data access and database management.
  • Secure user authentication and authorization with Identity, including support for external logins.
  • Built-in support for containerization with Docker, facilitating application deployment and scalability.
  • Integrated logging and monitoring capabilities for efficient application maintenance.
  • Seamless integration with Azure services for cloud-native development and deployment.

Why Choose .NET Core For Software or Web Applications? (Top 9 Advantages)

When businesses want to reach the widest possible audience using Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS, ASP.NET Core allows web application developers to write the programming code once and have it run on multiple platforms. In comparison to the earlier versions, it provides improved performance and speed.

The .NET Core comes with a feature to automatically optimise a compiled code to enhance efficiency by 850 times.


1. .NET Core as an Open Source Framework

Since it’s an open-source technology, the Core version of .NET is already popular among the developers community. This framework’s source is available for anybody to alter, examine, and contribute to. Furthermore, the humongous .NET Core community provides help to facilitate smooth and quick application development. All bug fixes and upgrades are released considerably more often, ensuring that developers do not have to wait for the new release.

Developers can incorporate libraries, framework elements, and other aspects to a project based on its needs. Additionally, you do not have to completely upgrade the framework everytime a new or modified version is released. This helps developers save quite a lot of time.


2. Cross-platform And Cloud-based Application Development Support

One of the primary aspects of .NET Core is its cross-platform architecture. Earlier, only Windows was used to create this framework. On the other hand, software tools and programmes created using this framework can operate on a variety of platforms viz., macOS, Linux, and Windows. It also features the Visual Studio IDE, which lets developers collaborate on projects by creating web applications on a certain operating system.

What makes .NET Core unique is its features including  independent application bundling, cross-platform capabilities, and easy installations. As an outcome, it’s a wonderful framework for creating advanced enterprise web applications. Once an application is built its code can be utilised for other software development, regardless of platform or operating system.


3. Reintroduced Programming Features

The ASP.NET stack is significantly upgraded, resulting in the .NET Core framework having a variety of capabilities and features, including:

  • Programmed storage management
  • Cross-platform design
  • No language barriers
  • Trash collection
  • Package administration
  • Nonlinear programming
  • Enterprise web applications that are simple to use, configurable, and feature-rich.

For enterprise developers with these characteristics, building powerful, advanced, and complex web applications gets more approachable, effective, and quicker.

4. Optimum Performance

Developers must consider ‘high performance’ as an integral part of every enterprise solution. When we opt for .NET Core, excellence in performance, flexibility, and accessibility comes guaranteed. The new technology also lets developers write, maintain, reuse, or modify the programming codes. It is only possible because of availability of core libraries and tool optimization available with the .NET Core. This one-of-kind web development framework automates code optimization during the compilation task itself. As an outcome, code performance is improved.

5. Simplicity With Easy Maintenance

The .NET Core web application’s simplicity is the major factor that ensures this framework’s success. Some of the framework’s quicker and less-complicated capabilities include form submission, site settings, and client authentication.

It also has the well-established MVC design (Model, View, and Controller). This new version helps in the creation of custom web applications and APIs by simplifying concerns and making it easier to inspect. As mentioned earlier, it aids programmers in writing codes, testing, and debugging all of software architectures.

Modification and management of web application development gets considerably easier and faster with the option of reusable codes. It also includes easy-to-maintain server-side and event-driven programming components available with .NET Core.


6. Excellent Developer Tools To Boost Developer Productivity

Many development tools, such as Jetbrains, Resharper, and others, are included with the .NET Core, making it easier to test and deploy a plethora of applications.

For advanced .NET applications, Core version comes with one of the best-suited IDEs as Microsoft Visual Studio. This enables easy profiling, unit testing, debugging, GIT Integration, code completion, and along with other sophisticated capabilities.

7. Highly Versatile And Modularity

Development of enterprise web applications with .NET Core comes as an advantage with a highly versatile framework. This framework allows you to build modern web applications and makes the switching between desktop and mobile apps much convenient.

The framework brings immense flexibility to bundle up application development and helps in developing robust, high-quality, and innovative applications.


8. Longevity And Future Design Directions

As a new technology platform, this demands less amount of coding and is developed by keeping future reliability in mind. With less requirement of coding, the enterprise web application gets easier to manage. However, its programming cannot be treated as simple, it requires skilled professionals who could introduce the right logic behind the application. Experienced developers can enhance the coding possibilities with .NET Core, leaving less room for error and with least amount of design directions.

9. Unified Mvc And Web.Api
The unification of MVC and Web.API into .NET Core comes as a phenomenal architectural development. When it comes to controllers in Core, it’s identical for both MVC and Web.API. The earlier adoption of .NET MVC was on rise for many years, however, recently there have been reports of issues in maintaining two different base codes. With .NET Core, Microsoft combined both MVC and Web.API, making it a complete solution for web application development.

Best Offshore Company For .NET Core Software Development

Now is the time to develop a brilliant web application for your organization and an experienced development company that best utilises .NET Core is always recommended. The ASP.NET Core comes as the most flexible form of ASP.NET application. Many application developers are utilizing the benefits of its sectional design and an efficient programming model. Undeniably, Microsoft is trying to reintroduce its enterprise application software with a futuristic mindset. .NET Core shows great potential for cross-platform application development. It is advanced and thus, requires a great amount of technical knowledge. And that is why choosing the right technology partner becomes the most crucial decision to make.


With years of experience, we at Yukti Solutions have developed a strong technical expertise and an amazing team of professionals. We have been developing industry leading software applications for hundreds of our clients in Europe and in the United States. With ASP.NET Core we have the ability to develop highly dynamic web applications that best cater your business requirements.

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