What is Dedicated Development Team and Reasons to Hire One

Maximize Your Software Projects with a Dedicated Development Team. Learn why businesses are choosing this model for cost-effective and expert-driven solutions.

Outstaffing is now widely regarded as the greatest option for businesses of all sizes looking to implement new digital concepts or upgrade current technological solutions. Hiring a development team is still a viable outstaffing option for organizations looking to save development expenses, speed up the process, and secure the finest narrow-area specialists for their projects.

This article will explain the concept of a dedicated development team and reasons to hire a dedicated team for your software projects. You'll also discover how dedicated developers work on these projects.

What is a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team is a business strategy that refers to a partnership between a client and an IT solution provider in which the latter supplies the client with long-term software engineering experts. These experts are picked based on the client's requirements for knowledge and skill levels. The client might choose to manage the team themselves or delegate effective communication to the solution provider's project manager. Typically, the team works from the solution provider's office, generally at a different location from the client.

When the scope of work cannot be precisely outlined and needs might vary during the development phase, hiring a dedicated development team is the wisest option. The key purpose of incorporating this model is to hire professionals who will substantially compensate for the deficiency of crucial expertise. This will work like your own team situated at a different location from your office.

What constitutes a Dedicated Development Team?

The composition of your team is determined by your requirements. As a result, your project team may include:

  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Business analysts
  • UX/UI designers

Who Should Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

The model of Dedicated Development Team can be of great help for your software project as it’s a flexible outsourcing model where most of the drawbacks with the development teams such as poor project communication, difficulty in meeting deadlines, lack of technical expertise, and excessive expenses of quality testing are easily mitigated. The specialized development team is the method to go when your concept requires a discovery stage.

Projects with a Wide Range of Requirements

The dedicated development team is the solution to opt when your concept doesn't have a product-market fit and requires a discovery stage. Because the discovery stage establishes the foundation for the project's entire development mechanism, it may require months of testing and discussions to ultimately settle down. The dedicated development team approach gives you the time and resources you need to focus on the discovery stage without worrying about going over budget.

Long Term Projects

The dedicated development team approach is best suited to sophisticated, long-term projects with growth potential. You'll need a strong team of developers to help you realize the full potential of your project. Within a committed team, you can be confident that the individuals you begin working with will see the project through to completion.

One of the biggest tech companies that enroll a dedicated team of developers is Whatsapp, they have incorporated a dedicated team of developers for assistance in the iOS app development. Other corporate giants such as Apple, American Express, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, and a lot more are among businesses that make use of dedicated development teams.

Startup Businesses

If you're a startup in its initial stages, and you're planning to accelerate in the market. In this scenario as well, acquiring the assistance of a dedicated development team might be a wise decision. This method will allow you to swiftly assemble a team, save money on hiring processes, and create the product more quickly. The augmented team handles the extra work while your in-house staff concentrates on business-related activities.

How Does Yukti Solutions Work to Form a Dedicated Development Team

  1. Scope Estimation: We determine how much work needs to be done and how many individuals will be involved during the entire project timeline.
  2. Selecting Talent: We assemble a team of competent and motivated specialists to work on your project.
  3. Scope Call: We talk about the client's first sprint goals, objectives, and priorities.
  4. Placement Call: We offer a recommended solution, projected team structure, timeframes, budget, and arrange further research activities.
  5. Kick-off Call: This is the time when the team is given the go-ahead to begin work in collaboration. The goal of the call is to initiate the team (both the client and Yukti Solutions) to talk about who will do what, get access to the developer tools, synchronize project and business goals, and establish check-ins.


To summarise, a dedicated development team (DDT) is an ideal solution for projects with a lot of moving parts, such as ambitious startups, growing tech companies, and established big tech firms. When we consider factors such as competitive pricing, selected experts on the team, committed partnerships, DDT comes as an ideal match for all such companies seeking a long-term relationship with quality growth.

However, if you are still unsure about the model of a dedicated development team, please get in touch, and we will present the strategy that best suits your business needs.

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